The rough mower is working and Johan has caught up most of the cutting, the grass cuttings will be picked up during the next cut.

The Wattle trees along the river are busy being removed and will be completed by the end of the month.

The greens will be Vertidrained on the 8th May. A big Hollow Tyne will be done in September.

The small trees that were planted over the last few years have been fertilized and covered for the frost that is expected in the coming months.

A hydraulic pipe on one of the machines broke, this was only picked up after cutting of certain green surrounds, this lead to the dead lines on the apron of some of the greens.

Winter Projects

  • Cleaning of the river.
  • Cleaning of the dam, including the reeds.
  • New forward tees on the 12th and 18th



Congratulations to our Club Champions.

A Division: Kyle Forsman

B Division: Craig Harris

C Division: Steve Lappin

The ladies club championships will be played on the 27th and 28th May.

For all weekly results please go to our website


The draw for the knockout is on the notice board. Please ensure you play your first round by the specified date.


Work has commenced on the changerooms. The following has been completed:

  • The roof
  • The plumbing
  • The ceiling

The following work still needs to be done:

  • The lights
  • The carpets
  • The casing around the geysers.

The project should be completed in 2 weeks time.


At the AGM held in March the members voted in favour of a 30% levy to be charged to each member. This levy is to ensure the short term sustainability of the club.

If you have not received you invoice please contact Pat on 011-432-3150 or