Friday 1st February 2019

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Christo Wentzel 21 points

2nd: Mark Penhall 20 points

3rd: D Di Lembo 19 points

Wednesday 30th January  2019

Individual Stableford

1st: Edwin Scheepers 38 points

2nd: Steve Swain 37 points

3rd: Johan Kloopers 36 points

4th: Rodney Pretorius 36 points c/o

Sunday  27th January 2019

Morning Field – Individual Stableford

1st: China Gaffore 37 points

2nd: Devin Goosen 36 points

3rd: Rodney Pretorius 35 points

Saturday 26th January 2019

Morning Field – Betterball Stableford

1st: Craig Thomas & Tjaart Kruger 44 points

2nd: Tony Afonso & Ben  Germishuizen 44 points c/0

Afternoon Field – Betterball Stableford

1st: Sarel Bester & Christo Wentzel 47 points

2nd: Nico Bertaco & Hector Carbonari 46 points

3rd: Mike Bolland & John Holm 44 points

Wednesday 30th  January  2019

Afternoon Field – BetterBall Stableford 

1st: Christo Wentzel & John Holm  44 points

2nd: Edwin Scheepers & Eddie Geffen 42 points

Sunday 20th  January  2019

Morning Field – BetterBall Stableford 

1st: Bradly Bedser & Matthew Germishuizen 44 points

2nd: Sean Addinall & Sheldon Banks 43 points

Saturday 19th January  2019

Morning Field – 4 Ball Alliance 

1st: Sheldon Hand, Rod Pretorius, Mark Furnell & Derek Stedman 90 points

2nd: Nico Nell, Jacques Swanepoel, J Maritz & Dick Lombard 90  points c/0

Afternoon Field – 4 Ball Alliance 

1st: Steve Swain, James Lazenby, Hans Ruff & Brian Harrison  89 points

2nd: Tyrone Zaaiman, Grant Palmer, J Kloppers & Dave Geraghty 86 points c/o

Saturday 19th January  2019

Friday 18th January 2019

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Robert Falconer 20 points

2nd: John Mc Lean 20 points c/o

3rd: Jock Lopes 20 points c/o

Wednesday 16th January  2019

BetterBall Stableford

1st: Johan Buiendag & Mavin Brandt 46 points

2nd: Leon De Roux & David Pieterse 46 points c/o

Sunday  13th January  2019

Betterball Medal 

1st: Vic Duffin & Alan Scott 62 Nett

2nd: Johan Buitendag & Ukesh Reewith 65 Nett

Saturday 12th January 2019

Monthly Medal

All Day

A Division

1st: Helder Alves 67 Nett – Mug Winner

2nd: Ryan Hinkley 69 Nett

B Division

1st: Bill Craig 72 Nett

2nd: Brian Harrison 72 Nett

C Division

1st: Rob Mc Arthur 72 Nett

2nd: Cliffy Harper 73 Nett

Friday 11th January 2019

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Hardus Van Der Venter 20 points c/0

2nd: Brent Gilogley 20 points c/o

3rd: Mark Penhall 20 points c/o

Wednesday 9th January  2019

Individual Stableford

1st: Edwin Scheepers 37 points

2nd: Mark Beaty 36 points

3rd: Eddie Geffen 35 points c/o

Sunday 6th January 2019

Betterball Stableford

Morning Field

1st: Gary Lawrence 39 points

2nd: C Haupt 38 points

3rd: Caden Sanders 36 points

Saturday 5th January  2019

Afternoon Field – Betterball Stableford

1st: Terry Joseph & Helgar Prahl-Anderssen 42 points

2nd: Keith Mumford & Alan Moulster 41 points

Saturday 5th January  2019

Morning Field – Betterball Stableford

1st: Tony Alphonso & Ben Germishuizen 45 points

2nd: Mark Furnell & Helda Alves 45 points c/o

Friday 4th January 2019

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Devon Goosen 21 points

2nd: Marvin Brandt 18 points c/o

3rd: Derek Hindry 18 points

Wednesday   1st January 2019

Individual  Stableford

1st: Timothy 39 points

2nd: Eddie Geffen 36 points c/o

3rd: Shaun Polhmann 36 points c/o

Sunday  30th  December 2018

Betterball Stableford

Morning Field

1st: Vic Duffin & Nick Marich 41 points

2nd: Vic Duffin & Alan Scott 41 points c/o

Saturday  29th  December 2018

4 Ball Alliance 2 Scores to Count

All Day 

1st: Nico Bertacco, Bob Clark, Joe Algio, Maurizio Santarelli 95 points

2nd: Sarel Bester, Craig Kavanagh, Vince Kavanagh, Mark Wragg 92 points

Friday 28th December 2018

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Tash Pillay 19 points

2nd: Grant 18 points

3rd: Percy Jackson 17 points

Monday 24th December  2018

Morning  Field – Betterball Stableford

1st: Percy Jackson & D Da Santos 42 points

2nd: Sean Groome & Derek Hindry 40 points

Sunday 23rd December  2018

Morning  Field – Individual Stableford

1st: Vic Duffin 34 points

2nd: Terence Pretorius 30 points

Saturday 22nd December  2018

Afternoon Field – Individual Stableford

1st: Joe Algio 42 points

2nd: Jim Phillips 39 points

3rd: Clifford Harper 38points

Saturday 22nd December  2018

Morning Field – Individual Stableford

1st: Richard Bryce 36 points

2nd: Clive Palm 35 points

3rd: Richard Leask 35 points

Friday 22nd December 2018

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Percy Jackson 17 points

2nd: Robert Faulkner 17 points

3rd: R Alberts 16 points

Wednesday  20th December 2018

Individual Stableford   

1st: Evert Been 38 points

2nd: Nevile Jones 36 points

3rd: Johan Kloppers 35 points

Sunday 16th December 2018

Betterball Stableford

Morning  Field

1st: Darren & Trevor 43 points

2nd: Gerhard Van Vuuren & Glenn Huddle 42 points c/o

Saturday 15th December 2018

Betterball Stableford

Afternoon Field

1st: Hector Carbonari & Nico Bertacco 43 points

2nd: Dave Geraghty & Johan Kloppers 43 points c/o

Saturday 15th December 2018

Betterball Stableford

Morning Field

1st: Kevin Henstock & Trent Warmback 49 points

2nd: Derek Stedman & Marius Du Preez 44 points

Friday 14th December 2018

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Robert Falconer 21 points

2nd: Justice Makukule 21 points

3rd: Percy Jackson 19 points c/o

Sunday 9th  December 2018

38th Glenvista Classic  – Christmas Mixed 

Morning Field

1st: T Zaaiman, G Palmer, G Ditchfield, C Ditchfield 108 points

2nd: V Rorich, J Marais, C Rorich, D Farrand 99 points

3rd: Leanne, Neil, Many, Derek 94 points

4th: Slim, mitch, Stuart, Eric 93 points

5th: Ahmed, Steve Swain, Percy, and Ghost 92 points

Nearest the Pin 14th Men: Grayston Troskie

Nearest the Pin 16th Ladies: Michelle Witts Hewinson

Nearest the Pin 4th: Alan Scott

Nearest the Pin 8th: Mitch Lightfoot

Nearest the Pin 13th: Terry Munton

Nearest thePin 15th: Martin Zimmerman

Friday 7th December 2018

38th Glenvista Classic  – Betterball Stableford

Afternoon Field

1st: Mark Furnell & Matthew Furnell 48 points

2nd: Dave Geraghty & Johan Kloppers 47 points

3rd: Hector Carbonari & A Esplin 47 points c/o

Nearest the pin 8th hole: A Maino
Nearest the pin 15th hole: Hector Santarelli

Saturday 8th December 2018

38th Glenvista Classic  – Betterball Stableford

Morning Field

1st: Tjaart Kruger & Craig Thomas 47 points

2nd: J Banda & S Tati 45 points

3rd: Pia Van Rensburg & Ben Germishuizen 44 points

Friday 7th December 2018

38th Glenvista Classic  – Betterball Stableford

1st: Jason Otto & Trent Warmback 49 points

2nd: Mark Furnell & Matthew Furnell 48 points

3rd: Mark Wragg & Vincent Kavanagh 46 points

Nearest the Pin 8th Hole: Percy Jackson

Nearest the Pin 15th Hole: Marvin Brandt

Thursday 6th December 2018

38th Glenvista Classic  – Captains Day

1st: Colin Smit, W Sneeuberger, J Fabricious & Keith Landro 91 points

2nd: Steve Swain, Mitch Hickey, Terence Pretorius & Shaun Pohlmann 88 points

3rd: Matthew, Devon Goosen, Chris & Mike Du Toit 87 points

4th: N Mauroudis, B Clarke, J Lasuzides & M Nailx 87 points

5th: Paul Henry, Jeremy Gill, Ian Benson  & James Searson 86 points

6th: Jason, Andries, Fabian & Raymond 85 points

Nearest the Pin 8th Hole: Craig Jacobs

Nearest the Pin 13th Hole: Bevan Hinckley

Nearest the Pin 15th Hole: Fabian Kalil

Wednesday 5th December 2018

38th Glenvista Classic  

1st: Mark Furnell & Mathew Furnell 48 points

2nd: Gavin Blume & Trent Warmback 46 points

3rd: Percy Jackson & Marvin Brandt 46 points c/o

Nearest the Pin 8th Hole: Trent Warmback

Saturday 1st December 2018

Monthly Medal

A Division

1st: Caden Sanders 71 nett

2nd: Johan Buitendag 71 nett o/c/o

B Division

1st: George Antypas 67 nett Mug Winner

2nd: Craig Harris 70 nett

C Division

1st: Craig Kavanagh 69 nett

2nd: Des Haverly 73 nett

Ladies  Division

1st: Michelle Fenske 78 nett

Friday  30th November 2018

9 Hole Pizza Competition 

1st: Gabriel Pillay 19 points

2nd: Percy Jackson 18 points o/c/o

3rd: Marvin Brandt 18 points

Wednesday  28th November 2018

Gold Reef City Open 

1st: Paul Visagie & Charl 46 points

2nd: Mitch Hickey & Cecil Long 44 points

3rd: Malcolm Slabbert & Des Haverly 43 points

Sunday  25th November 2018 

Betterball Stableford

1st: Mike Mclean & Mike Symonds 44 c/o

Saturday  24th November 2018 Afternoon Field 

1st: Mark Wragg, Johan Kloppers, Vince Kavanagh, Dave Geraghty 91 points

2nd: Dave Nunn, Rob McArthur, Jorge Rodrigues, Craig Harris 90 points c/o

Saturday  24th November 2018 Morning Field

4Ball Alliance 2 Scores to Count

1st: Tony Alfonso, Johan Steyn, Ben Gemishizen, Brian Kassel 94 points

Friday  23rd November 2018

9 Hole Pizza Competition

1st: Terence Pretorius 22 points

2nd: Massimo Ruffini 20 points

3rd: Sean Groome 18 points

Sunday 18th November 2018

Betterball Stableford

1st: Alan Barbeau & Mike Symonds 44 points

Saturday 17th November 2018

Betterball Stableford

1st: Vincent Kavanagh & Mark Wragg 48 points

2nd: Greg Perdikis & Nevile Jones 47 points c/o

3rd: Tyron Zaaiman & Gavin Ditchfield 47 points

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Individual Stableford

1st: Neil Bothma 42 points

2nd: Gavin Blume 40 points O/C/O

3rd: Douglas Richards  40 points

Saturday 4th August 2018

Monthly Medal

A Division

1st: Claudio Antypas 71 nett

2nd: Mark Matthews 71 nett

B Division

1st: Craig Harris 69 nett

2nd: Gavin Blume 69 nett

C Division

1st: Joe Algio 75 nett

2nd: Lou Harris 76 nett

Sunday 5th August 2018

Betterball Medal

No Scorecards handed in

Saturday 11th August 2018

The PGA Championship

Individual Stableford

1st: Craig Harris 46 points

2nd: Mark Penhall 45 points

3rd: Bill Craig 40 points

4th: Joe Algio 40 points

Sunday 12th August 2018

The PGA Championship

Individual Stableford

1st: Alan Pearson 37 points

2nd: Mitchell Lightfoot 37 points

3rd: Etienne Vorster 37 points


1st: Mitchell Lightfoot 77 points

2nd: Etienne Vorster 74 points

3rd: Leanne Parsons 71 points