Saturday 1st July 2017

Monthly Medal

AM Field

1st: Gavin Blume 63 nett

2nd: E Bryce 66 nett

PM Field

A Division

1st: Terry Wood 72 nett

2nd: Bheki Mthethwa 75 nett

B Division

1st: Gavin Ditchfield 65 nett

2nd: Alan Moulster 69 nett

C Division

1st: Francois van der Merwe 65 nett

2nd: Colin Smit 69 nett


1st: Charmayne Ditchfield 70 nett


Sunday 2nd July 2017

Betterball Medal

1st: Terence Pretorius and Sheldon Hand 60 nett

2nd: Mike Symonds and Alan Barbeau 62 nett


Saturday 8th July 2017

Betterball Bonus Bogey

AM Field

1st: Jason Otto and Trent Warmback +9

2nd: Mitchell Lightfoot and Kyle Forsman +7

PM Field

1st: Dave Geraghty and Johan Kloppers +10

2nd: Cliff Harper and John Hards +9

3rd: Derek and Shaun Robinson +9


Sunday 9th July 2017

Betterball Bonus Bogey

1st: Devin Goosen and Chris Bedser +8

2nd: Mike Symonds and Mike McLean +7


Saturday 15th July 2017

Combined Stableford

AM Field

1st: Leanne Parsons and Terence Pretorius 75 points

2nd: Devin Goosen and Bradley Campbell 70 points

PM Field

1st: Terry Joseph and Dan Wilshire 76 points

2nd: George and Theo Antypas 70 points

3rd: Derek and Shaun Robinson 67 points


Sunday 16th July 2017

Combined Stableford

1st: Steve Lappin and Sheldon Hand 73 points

2nd: Uwe Krupke and Clinton Stoetz 73 points


Saturday 22nd July 2017

The Open Championship

Individual Stableford

AM Field

1st: Steve Oliver 40 points

2nd: Mitchell Lightfoot 39 points

3rd: Jean Potgieter 38 points

PM Field

1st: Joe Algio 41 points

2nd: Gavin Powell 39 points

3rd: Eddie Geffen 37 points

4th: Don Yates 37 points


Sunday 18th June

The Open Championship

Individual Stableford

1st: Leanne Parsons 42 points

2nd: Brian Dallas 38 points

3rd: Vic Duffin 38 points


1st: Leanne Parsons 79 points

2nd: Jason Otto 73 points

3rd: Eddie Geffen 72 points