Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Brandy Special!!

Introducing Glenvista’s very own BRANDY and RUM special!! Treat your 4 ball to a round of drinks while you enjoy the view of the course and the valley from the bar balcony.

Joker Draw Every Friday of 2023

Come on down and win some BIG MOOLA on Friday in our Joker Draw!! Happy Hour starts at 5pm so don’t be late!!!

The Southern Classic (Major Day)

Behold!! The Southern Classic, our third major of the year. Join us for a winter trophy challenge like no other!!

The Glenvista Open (Major Day)

Our 4th and final major of the year is the Glenvista Open which we consider to be the biggest major of the year!! So if you’ve missed out on the previous few majors, this is your chance to snatch a massive victory for the year!!

WIGWEE Wednesdays

Our Wednesday comps are in full swing and we can’t wait to see how the WIGWEE series pans out!! Good luck to all participants!!

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Woggler Fridays

Every Friday is our Woggler compeition which will be full of meat prizes and competitive 9 hole golf!!

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